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Tweak of the Week: Tightening you Mei Tai

14 Oct

Using a Catbird Baby Babywearing Essentials Mei Tai to demonstrate how to pull to tighten and adjust your mei tai properly, so that straps end up comfortably crossed on your back and not on your neck. Enjoy!

Tweak of the Week #3 – Mei Tais

3 Apr

Doing my best with the growing belly in the way (and pregnancy brain making me flub my words a bit!), but here are some tips to adjusting the length of your mei tai or buckle mei tai.


Lots of New BabyHawks Stocked

28 Apr

I’ve just listed a bunch of new BabyHawk and ToddlerHawk mei tai carriers, and I have more on the way! I have a hard time stopping once I get going putting panel fabrics and strap colors together. There are some beautiful reversibles available as well — like getting two carriers for the price of one!

I’m using both my BabyHawk and my ToddlerHawk almost daily with my 5 month old baby; I love the comfortable padding in the shoulder straps, the supportive headrest that can be folded up or down, and the versatility of being able to wear my baby on my front or on my back.

All BabyHawks and ToddlerHawks ship free in the US; international orders get a $5 rebate on shipping charges.

Kozy Mei Tais are Back in Stock

22 Apr

Kozy Carrier Mei Tais are back in stock! I consider a Kozy to be a workhorse of a mei tai — sturdy, simple, and practically indestructible. I really love the high body for its versatility: front, back, or hip carries, newborns to heavy toddlers, the Kozy covers all the bases.

New to QuirkyBaby — the latest distributor exclusive print Spotsylvania, on either natural or black canvas straps.

Spotsylvania NaturalSpotsylvania Black