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And next on the list for trying out with a newborn… the lillebaby COMPLETE!

2 Aug

Since having little Miss S., I’ve been primarily ring slinging or wrapping her.  My other go-to carrier (and my hubby’s fav!) has been our Catbird Baby Pikkolo (see previous blog for more about the Pikkolo with a newborn).  Now that she’s a bit bigger and has some head/trunk control, I’ve been trying out some other buckle carriers with the little lady.  We really enjoyed the lillebaby COMPLETE Airflow one hot afternoon.  Click the picture below for all of the reasons why!


lillebaby COMPLETE: a review…

17 Mar

Lillebaby COMPLETE Carrier
A couple of months ago, QuirkyBaby added the new lillebaby COMPLETE carrier to its buckle carrier selection. I’m so excited about this new carrier. I’ve tried the other “lillebaby” carriers that had previously been available at the bigger box stores and wasn’t impressed. When looking into the COMPLETE, I was surprised to find out that lillebaby, the company, was under a reboot! The older “lillebaby” carriers had actually been produced under the Scandinavian Child brand, and now, the small company from Colorado was taking their company back and redesigning a new carrier that really strives to be “complete.” With features like an infant harness and a seat that can narrow to eliminate the need for a separate, bulky insert, a body that has the ability to be snapped up or down to fit smaller and taller babies, padding on the side webbing and chest clip to prevent rubbing and digging, a head support AND sleeping hood, an optional lumbar support pad, the ability to wear straps in the “H” or “X” position, and stirrups sold separately for older/long-legged kiddos, the lillebaby COMPLETE really does try to address every common complaint of other buckle carriers on the market. It even comes in a mesh model – the lillebaby COMPLETE Airflow. The only thing I think would really make it “complete” would be the addition of a pocket on the back for stuffing little items (who knows…maybe in a future model?).

So, I had tried the lillebaby COMPLETE a few times with my 3 year old over the summer, and it was pretty darn comfy. But, I wanted to give it a real test with someone who would be wearing for longer periods than I was wearing my 3 year old AND a mama who had a more full figure, since buckle carriers are not always the best fit for curvier mamas. A few weeks ago, I let my good friend Lauren borrow a lillebaby COMPLETE in Purple/Pink to try out with her one-year-old daughter. She was gracious enough to do a little “blogging” about it for QuirkyBaby. 😉

lillebaby COMPLETE Purple/Pink
It wasn’t love at first click for me and Buckle Carriers….I had read a bunch, seen a bunch, looked a bunch and really thought I’d love them… everyone did right?

I excitedly registered for a certain well known soft structured carrier ( hint: rhymes with… Bergo… ), received it for my baby shower and anxiously awaited my little one’s arrival to try it out.

It’s a great carrier in lots of ways, but there were certain things I didn’t like about it. The black webbing would dig into the back of my shoulder blades and alongside my breasts. Not a great sensation for a breast feeding (and already pretty curvy) mother. The waist band would fold over and lose comfort and support. The chest clip never really hit me at a great spot (granted, not a carrier issue, more a wearer issue). And lastly – worn so low on my waist, it would make me bulgy in places I’d rather hide post partum. While many folks loved them and didn’t have such issues, it became a back-of-the-closet carrier for me and I explored other options to wear my little girl.

I was a staunch mei tai lover, an outspoken ring sling lover… But when mamas asked me about SSC’s, I would speak honestly about their ease of use, their comfort level, some versatility across ages/sizes, though my enthusiasm was perhaps lacking as it wasn’t my favorite type.

Then I was given the lillebaby Complete to try out. With one walk with my little girl, my opinion of SSCs changed. This carrier is beyond comfortable. The lillebaby Complete has padded the webbing to eliminate the digging issue I had with my other SSC. The padded, structured waist is super supportive, doesn’t get squished and floppy or fold over (even on my squishy, floppy waist). She had a lovely, deep seat due to the way the body is structured (It has a cupped seat design with seat darts, which helps keep baby’s spine in a naturally curved position). I wish I had had the carrier when she was a newborn as it’s COMPLETEly (get it?) adjustable to a newborns tiny squishy-ness without the need for any inserts or extra pieces. Now as a toddler – I can expand the body easily and quickly to have one of the widest seated and tallest carriers available. It truly can take you from infancy to preschooler without needing to purchase any accessories or a different carrier!

Finding versatility, comfort and ease of use in a baby carrier can be a bit of a stretch goal, but the lillebaby Complete achieves that goal. My daughter completely loved it. She felt safe, secure and is always happy on mommy’s back. I had a more petite, non-mommy girlfriend try the carrier on for her input and she danced away with my little girl on her back (literally danced, there’s video proof!). It suited her petite frame and my curvy frame with equal levels of comfort! Also, it’s super daddy-friendly. My husband was able to get her on easily and comfortably (his admission). If you know my husband, a compliment on a baby carrier is high praise. He’s been a bit of a reluctant wearer!

I can’t recommend the lillebaby Complete carrier enough. It’s made a buckle convert out of me. My next child is due soon and I know I’ll want to try it out with him when he’s here! I really think babywearers new or experienced, even those who have sworn off buckle carriers, should give the lillebaby COMPLETE a try. You won’t be disappointed!

Thanks, Lauren! 🙂 Have you tried the lillebaby COMPLETE? Leave a comment to let us know what you think!