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Welcome to the QuirkyBaby Blog!

6 Apr

Hello, and welcome! This is the blog home of QuirkyBaby, where I sell fun and functional baby slings and carriers. I’m Jane McClintock, and I’ll be using this blog to post updates about product stockings, how-tos on carriers, etc.

In today’s news — I’m waiting for my mail carrier to deliver my retrofitted Beco Butterfly Carriers any day now. I still need to get an exact count of what’s available but I will definitely have some Mia, Sophia, and Addison available. I’ve also gotten word that my next shipment of new Butterfly prints has started winging its way to me as of Saturday the 6th of April, and I will have Metro Black, Espresso Brown, Olivia, Isabella, and a few Ethan and Ava available. I will get everything listed on the site as soon as I have better dates for the shipments’ arrivals.