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Beco Gemini Clearance Sale!

9 Jun

Beco is allowing a sale on discontinued prints!  Gemini prints in Sunset, Espresso, Enzo, and Serenity are now available at QuirkyBaby for only $109 plus FREE US shipping!  Now is a great time to get a Gemini at a fabulous sale price, and, if you follow Beco, these sales don’t happen very often! 🙂

gemini serenity

The Beco Gemini carrier is a super comfortable, ergonomic, and stylish baby carrier that fits a wide variety of body types and will help you carry your baby from newborn through toddler stages.  The Gemini allows a front facing in, facing out, hip, or back carry position.  When wearing in a front carry, you have the ability to cross the straps on your back in an “X” position to help distribute baby’s weight.  No need for uncomfortable or bulky infant inserts, as the base is able to be narrowed for little newborns to have their legs out and support them in a seated position.  Once baby grows a bit, snap the base back to its wide position for more ergonomic comfort for both you and baby.  The narrow and sleek body, while padded, allows air circulation and still maintains a great seat for baby, even when he or she reaches toddlerhood!


If you’re interested in a carrier more geared toward the older baby and toddler, there’s also the Beco Soleil to check out!

Introducing Tweak of the Week!

29 Jan

It’s been in the works for a while, and I finally got my new webcam to replace my broken one… so now here it is! The idea behind “tweak of the week” comes from the most common troubleshooting topics I encounter when helping parents with their carriers as well as my own experience finding ways to make my carriers work better for me. So, without further adieu, here’s my first tweak for buckle carriers/SSCs complete with baby bump:

March Prints of Beco Butterflys will begin shipping 4/12/08

9 Apr

My March prints of the Beco Butterfly will arrive April 11th and start shipping on April 12. I’ve opened up for pre-orders. I’ll have Olivia, Isabella, Metro Black, Espresso Brown, and a few Avas and Ethans in stock. Get yours while you can!

All Beco Butterfly carriers ship FREE in the US! International customers receive a $5 rebate on shipping costs.


Welcome to the QuirkyBaby Blog!

6 Apr

Hello, and welcome! This is the blog home of QuirkyBaby, where I sell fun and functional baby slings and carriers. I’m Jane McClintock, and I’ll be using this blog to post updates about product stockings, how-tos on carriers, etc.

In today’s news — I’m waiting for my mail carrier to deliver my retrofitted Beco Butterfly Carriers any day now. I still need to get an exact count of what’s available but I will definitely have some Mia, Sophia, and Addison available. I’ve also gotten word that my next shipment of new Butterfly prints has started winging its way to me as of Saturday the 6th of April, and I will have Metro Black, Espresso Brown, Olivia, Isabella, and a few Ethan and Ava available. I will get everything listed on the site as soon as I have better dates for the shipments’ arrivals.