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Catbird Baby Pikkolo – My top buckle carrier choice for newborns!

12 Jul

I have a lot of love for my Pikkolo!  It was my very first carrier purchase (from QuirkyBaby, no less) in 2009 when my first daughter was only 2 weeks old.

When my older daughter was tiny, I tried using it with the base wide, like a mei tai, and with her legs “froggied” inside, but she really didn’t like that!  (Some babies do, some don’t.  My kiddos have been those who “don’t” lol!) So, I ended up using one of the best features of the Pikkolo from the get go – the adjustable base!  Unlike other buckle carriers that can be snapped to a narrow base position, the Pikkolo allows you to adjust the base to custom fit your baby’s spread-squat position.  As baby grows, you can continue to widen it, as needed, until baby is ready for the full width of the carrier.

With my new little squish, I had the opportunity to really try every carrier designed to “snap down” for newborns, and I can honestly say that the Pikkolo is my favorite choice.  To be honest, I typically carry daughter #2 in wraps and ring slings, as you can adjust them to the exact size and shape of any size newborn, baby, or older child.  However, if I’m going to use something quick and easy and want to grab a buckle carrier, I’m grabbing my Pikkolo!

2013-07-12 12.40.31

What I found when trying out the other buckle carriers in the “newborn” position, was that, though her legs were “out” of the carrier, they did not fully support her knees in the position we’re really striving for – knees above bum (think of an M shape).  In fact, as she is so tiny and that M-shape position is so important, I found that I was more likely to widen the bases on the other carriers and try to achieve that position with her legs still in the carriers, rather than snap them to the narrow position and allow her legs to dangle.   The Pikkolo, however, allowed me to adjust the base of the carrier to her exact knee to knee width.  Also, since it does not need the structured support belt until later on, it buckles on and forms a nice deep pocket for baby’s bum.  The scoop of that pocket, along with the custom width supporting her knees, allowed me to really get her in that “knees bent and higher than bum” position. (For reference, dd is 4 weeks old and a little over 8 lbs. in picture.)

2013-07-12 12.37.59

Another reason I generally choose wraps and ring slings for newborns with no head control is because buckle carriers and mei tais often create a curved opening at the top where baby’s head is. As long as I’m vigilant and make sure that baby’s head is not slumping forward in a chin to chest position, it’s fine, but not ideal.  However, with the Pikkolo, because of the wide memory-foam straps, I’m able to spread the shoulder straps out toward my arms and mold to the curve of my shoulders, which brings the top of the carrier in and holds her head much better against my chest. (see picture above)

Some other features I really love about the Pikkolo are the lack of the waist belt (until you want or need it for more support), which allows me wear the carrier high on my body, as well as sit down comfortably with nothing digging into my lap; the crossable shoulder straps to distribute weight across my back and shoulders; and the VERY easy-to-adjust dual adjustable buckles that make lowering little one down to nurse a breeze!

For all of these reasons (and, yes, maybe with a little bias since it WAS my first carrier), the Catbird Baby Pikkolo is my top choice for a buckle carrier to use during the newborn days…and beyond!

Tweak of the Week #5 – Threading Your Pikkolo Support Belt

29 May

I’ve met up with a few mamas who had some trouble figuring out how to thread the separate waist support belt onto their Catbird Baby Pikkolo carriers. So… when my darling husband took my daughter grocery shopping last night so that I could get a little rest (baby #2 due in just a few weeks!), I decided to make a little video to try to help figure it out. Had to shoot the video one-handed, so please excuse the slight shakiness.

Tweak of the Week #3 – Mei Tais

3 Apr

Doing my best with the growing belly in the way (and pregnancy brain making me flub my words a bit!), but here are some tips to adjusting the length of your mei tai or buckle mei tai.