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Tweak of the Week: Troubleshooting your Stretchy Wrap

9 Jan

One of the most common things I help new mamas with is troubleshooting their Moby Wraps, or other stretchy wrap.  I have 2 tips that typically seem to help almost everyone who is having difficulty –

1. Don’t fold the wrap in half, no matter what the instructions say, lol!  More often than not, you’re going to get more support by wrapping with the full width of the wrap, it avoids the wrap becoming rope-y and uncomfortable, it provides better support for baby, AND…it’s tedious to fold THAT much fabric perfectly in half!

2. Pre-tie tighter than you think.  Stretchy wraps work to support baby’s weight (which, in turn, provides more comfort and support for you!) by stretching snuggly around baby and holding him or her close.  ESPECIALLY with newborns, tying tightly is key to avoiding dangerous and life-threatening positioning (when infants slump down chin to chest and cannot breathe properly).  With older babies, it’s the tightness that will help support the weight.  When pretying the wrap, make sure to take out the slack as you tie and think of the wrap feeling like a “fitted” t-shirt against your body.

Need a visual?  Here’s a video I made with 17 lb. darling daughter who is perfectly supported and comfortable.  I used the exact same method when she was a newborn, the wrap may have been a smidge tighter.  I always put legs through the cross and avoid legs in the pocket hold, as I always found that baby would continue to slump down and curly into a ball (as newborns will do) if his/her seat is not made and held by the cross passes going from knee to knee.


Summer Moby Wraps Restocked

30 Apr

I just got an order of Mobys in for summer; the lighter, neutral colors Moss and Indigo and the UV protection Mobys in Sand and Turquoise. With any Moby purchase, you’ll get a free sample of Traditional Medicinal’s herbal tea for nursing mothers.