Beyond Babywearing… Or, Really, Before…

7 Jul

I was thrilled to be asked to share some wisdom, recently, with the Mothering Arts community.  Follow the link, here, to view my latest blog!

When did you start babywearing your little ones?  With my first daughter, I had my first consultation with QuirkyBaby (then, owned by another awesome work at home mama!) when she was about 2 weeks, but we didn’t really start actively using the carrier until a few weeks after that, even.  With my second, I felt the “rush.”  That baby was in a carrier LITERALLY the day she was born.  We got home from the hospital and we went for a long walk and then back to life as usual.  I didn’t take the time to rest and to heal, and I think I paid the price for it.  So, my blog post is very much a, “do as I say, not as I [did],” sort of theme.  I wish I had done more skin to skin bonding time, more resting and nurturing, for both her and me.  snugglingjane

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