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The High Back Carry in a Buckle Carrier (with Video Tutorial)

19 Jun

Recently, there’s been a bit of a surge in popularity in the online babywearing community of wearing SSCs and buckle carriers in a “high back carry.”  To be honest, I’m in the camp of “Use the structured waist of the ssc the way it was intended to be used…to distribute weight to the wearers hips (on short torsoed people, this may be higher but still around the waist), with the weight of the baby being taken off the shoulders by loosening the shoulder straps enough to allow baby’s weight to really fall down into that supportive structure of the waist.” (whew! that was a mouthful!)

There are definitely those who prefer the feel of the high back carry, and many older babies and toddlers like it, as they can see over their caregivers’ shoulders.  However, often, when I see buckle carriers with structured waists used to achieve this carry, we run into a couple of issues…

1. You’re losing all of the support that the structured waist is supposed to give (and that you pay for!) in those types of buckle carriers.

2. Since you’re not using the structured waist to distribute baby’s weight, the weight should be distributed by pulling baby in close.  Since you may not be able to cinch the straps in tight enough to really get that nice high and tight fit, you may be distributing all of baby’s weight from your shoulders!

2. In some SSCs (or on some body types) buckling that structured waist so far up creates a giant pocket of fabric and baby doesn’t fill the entire body of the carrier from top to bottom, but rather sits in a fold of fabric at the middle of the carrier body.  This means that the body panel may be too low on baby’s back and too loose (allowing baby or toddler to lean back and definitely not supportive for the wearer).

Now for the good news…

If you DO like the feel of a high and tight back carry, there are carriers perfectly suited for that! They are wraps, mei tais, and even buckle mei tais like the Catbird Baby Pikkolo!

Check out my newest video tutorial to show how I get a high back carry with my toddler in the buckle carrier I believe is really SUPER at the high back carry!



QB Baby Carrier of the Week: Spotlight on Scootababy

24 Feb

This weeks, QB chats with Audra Meng, owner and designer of the Scootababy. Check out the latest additions to the Scootababy lineup — continuing in the tradition of naming patterns after major cities, and going Down Under for inspiration, meet Sydney and Wellington! -Keep reading for more!>

QB Baby Carrier of the Week: Spotlight on Boba Baby Carrier

17 Jun

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This week, QuirkyBaby turns the spotlight on the Boba Baby Carrier, a buckle carrier that’s relatively new but has quickly become extremely popular. My guest this week is Elizabeth Antunovic, designer of the Boba and founder of NAP, Inc., which also makes the Sleepy Wrap. Fun fact about the Boba — it takes its name from Boulder Baby (carrier).

Why QuirkyBaby loves the Boba Baby Carrier:

  • It provides ergonomic support for older, taller, heavier babies, toddlers, and preschoolers and their parents
  • It’s made from organic cotton and manufactured in Boulder, Colorado
  • It’s a rugged, simple, reasonably priced soft structured carrier

QuirkyBaby offers the Boba 2.0, in six organic color combinations, including the Tweet print! Check out the Classic, which offers the same great fit and functionality in a less expensive, non-organic version.

– Click here to continue reading>

QB Baby Carrier of the Week: Spotlight on Hotslings AP

4 Jun

This week, the QuirkyBaby blog kicks off a series on great baby slings and baby carriers and the women entrepreneurs behind them. My first guest is Kristen DeRocha, founder of Hotslings, mama of two, and a rockin’ musician, too! Kristen is the creative genius behind the innovative Hotslings AP adjustable pouch,  which has taken the pouch sling design to a new level of comfort and ease of use, all while maintaining the trademark Hotslings style with gorgeous fabrics.

Why QuirkyBaby loves the Hotslings AP adjustable pouch:

  • No more sizes! One adjustable size fits most people from 5’0″ to 6’1″ and from 110 to 220 pounds.
  • Easy to adjust for perfect positioning.
  • Compact, lightweight, and simple to use
  • And did I mention the stylish fabrics??

QuirkyBaby offers Hotslings AP at 10% off with free US shipping. Shop Hotslings AP at QuirkyBaby now!

Now let’s hear from Kristen:  – Click here to keep reading>