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QB Baby Carrier of the Week: Spotlight on Hotslings AP

4 Jun

This week, the QuirkyBaby blog kicks off a series on great baby slings and baby carriers and the women entrepreneurs behind them. My first guest is Kristen DeRocha, founder of Hotslings, mama of two, and a rockin’ musician, too! Kristen is the creative genius behind the innovative Hotslings AP adjustable pouch,  which has taken the pouch sling design to a new level of comfort and ease of use, all while maintaining the trademark Hotslings style with gorgeous fabrics.

Why QuirkyBaby loves the Hotslings AP adjustable pouch:

  • No more sizes! One adjustable size fits most people from 5’0″ to 6’1″ and from 110 to 220 pounds.
  • Easy to adjust for perfect positioning.
  • Compact, lightweight, and simple to use
  • And did I mention the stylish fabrics??

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Now let’s hear from Kristen:  – Click here to keep reading>

New Hotslings AP Adjustable Pouches in Designer Fabrics

1 May

The new Hotslings AP adjustable pouch has been a runaway hit, combining the adjustability of a ring sling with the sleek simplicity of a pouch in one simple one-size-fits-most size. Just in time for Mother’s Day, it’s now available in ten more gorgeous fabrics, featuring best-selling patterns from the Designer and Reversible lines of the Original as well as some brand-new — and very chic — designs.

Click here to see how beautiful they are (and enjoy 10% off and free US shipping on all Hotslings AP)!

January Sale — Enjoy Fantastic Savings on New or Like-New Carriers and More

4 Jan

It’s a new year, a new decade, and time to m ake room for some new products at QuirkyBaby — so it’s time for a massive clearance sale! Most of the carriers are brand-new, first-quality — all of the returned items have only been tried on and are in like-new condition. Here’s your chance to get an Ergo Baby Carrier, Maya Wrap, BabyHawk, Hotsling, Go GaGa bag, or Tummy2Tummy DVD at bargain prices!

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All Everyday, Reversible, and Designer Hotslings On Sale!

16 Oct

Now’s your chance to get a great bargain on a brand-new Hotsling. All Everyday, Reversible, and Designer Hotslings pouches are clearance priced at 40% off!

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Review of New Hotslings AP Adjustable Pouch Sling

4 Oct

I just got the chance to try these out today and they. are. AWESOME.  I haven’t been able to get my almost 2-year-old, 29 pound daughter into a pouch comfortably in ages, but this was the perfect combo of the simplicity of the pouch and the adjustability of a ring sling.

Although the directions say to do all the adjusting with baby out of the pouch, I popped dd in with the pouch a little on the loose side so I could squeeze her long and chubby legs through, then held her weight up off the carrier and snugged the adjuster straps up. (Pouch was sitting on my right shoulder so adjuster tabs were in front). The pouch spread nice and flat across my back and cupped my shoulder really well. Because it’s sewn together at the shoulder, a shoulder flip isn’t possible — but given the adjustability, it also isn’t necessary.

Having padding on both sides is really nice — no need to flip the carrier other way out if you’re going to switch shoulders! It also made it snug and cozy for my dd.

I think the adjustability factor will also help the issue some people have of needing to lower baby to nurse but lift baby higher for carrying, which can be challenging in a non-adjustable pouch.

I have rediscovered the pouch love!

New Hotslings Adjustable Pouch Available Now

1 Oct

The new Hotsling Adjustable Pouch is now available from QuirkyBaby in six great fabrics. Click here to see them all!

Check out this demonstration video from Hotslings founder and owner Kristen DeRocha:

Free shipping on any Hotsling order with discount coupon NEWBABY

Hotslings Spring Fling — 10% Off!

14 Apr

To celebrate spring, treat yourself to a fresh new look from Hotslings at 10% off! Hotslings are one of the most popular pouch style sling carriers for good reason — the gorgeous fabrics have just the right amount of stretch for comfortable wearing, and the sizing system will help you find just the right fit.