Babylonia BB-Slen Wraps and BB-Tai Wrap Conversion Mei Tais at QuirkyBaby!

12 May

I’m so excited to have one of my long-time favorite wraps in stock at QuirkyBaby!  BB-Slen wraps have been around for a long time.  Search and you’ll find oodles of posts about them and how they are favorites for new wrappers, as well as experienced ones, especially as fantastic summer wraps and toddler-worthy wraps.


100% cotton, produced in India under the Fair Trade Project, new wrappers will love how easy these are to wrap with, as well as take care of – spit up, accidents, sweating are not a problem, since you can just toss them in the wash easy peasy!  The solid colorways with the section of the rainbowy Pineapple stripes are great for determining which edge of the wrap you’re working with and to avoid twisting.  The extra width on the BB-Slen wraps means extra support as babies grow into toddlers and preschoolers, and lots of good “cush” on the shoulders!  Being lightweight means that these wraps are both great for warm-weather wearing AND easy to wrap with, as the fabric will toss around you and adjust easily.  The majority of the BB-Slen wraps are a comfy cross twill weave, which provides a nice amount of diagonal stretch for great wrap jobs and comfort. However, Babylonia has also just released some jacquard weaves that feature gorgeous patterns.  The wide variety of colorways and patterns means there’s something for everyone!  Rainbows for some, and solid black and blues for others. My personal favorites are Prunella and Pineapple.  How about yours?

Looking for the feel of wrapping without the fuss?  BB-Tai wrap conversion mei tais are for you!


Let’s start off with the fact that each BB-Tai comes in its very own matching wrap bag!


Open up the bag and take out your lovely, soft, lightweight BB-Tai.  The wrap conversion mei tais feature BB-Slen wrap fabric from top to bottom, with nice, wide unpadded wrap straps.  Each of the top straps measure 80 inches in length!  That’s one of the longest you’ll find, so perfect for tibetan tie offs and other chestbelts, as well as enough length for fluffier and broader babywearers.  The bottom straps measure 32.5 inches each and feature a lightly padded waist area.  The body of the carrier is 16 in wide and 17 in long, but the sleep support fabric can pull up another 5-6 inches or so for taller babies.  You’ll love the way you can easily pin those sleepy heads in and secure the fabric with an easy pull of the toggle, without covering baby’s entire head.  The size of the body of the carrier is definitely “toddler” size, but, as a mei tai, you can roll the waist and squish the fabric for a shorter and narrower body for younger babies.  Newborns can be placed in the removable infant seat, as well as rolling the fabric, to make sure they do not curl down into the carrier and sink into a chin-to-chest position.  More support for a younger baby is as simple as using the wide wrap straps, just like a wrap, to spread and tighten snugly to hold baby.  Those wide straps also come in handy if you prefer to cross straps over your chest in back carries, as well as helping to create an even wider seat for older kiddos.  The legs-out padding also helps make sure that long-legged toddlers and big kids are comfy in the carrier.

Overall, BB-Slen wraps and BB-Tai carriers are just awesome and I’m so excited to share the love!  I hope you’ll enjoy them too! 🙂

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