News about what’s NEW at QuirkyBaby!

7 May

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged.  Life got busy, as it does for all of us! (a toddler who never lets me touch my computer, a kindergartener who needs to be shuttled to and from school and various activities… unfortunately, blogging took a back seat for a while!).

In the meantime, my first “baby” will be 6 this weekend, just in time for mother’s day, and my other “baby” is almost 2.  There’s so much to celebrate!  One of my most recent “celebrations” is the update of my website. If you haven’t seen it, yet, head over to QuirkyBaby and check out the new “look” and new additions, thanks to Tracey of Indalia Design.  There’s still a bit of tweaking to be done, so it’s not quite perfect, yet, but I’m thrilled with the update.  What do you think?

New to QuirkyBaby, product-wise, is Babylonia brand Wraps and Wrap Conversion Mei Tais!  I’ve loved BB-Slen wraps for many years and am really loving having them in stock at QB.  The BB-Tai wrap conversion mei tais made completely out of the BB-Slen wrap fabric are fantastic.  Make sure to check them out!


As I launched the new website, I also added a new “free gift” option – You Are the Baby Carrier bags!  Made out of 100% recycled plastic (with 100% of the proceeds of my order going toward environmental literacy education), these convenient bags can help you carry your carrier or any extras you have while YOU carry your baby.  They even stuff into themselves and hook onto your keychain!  The inspiration for my bags goes back to a previous blog post that you can read, here.  Many many thanks to Lizzy of this (un)scripted life for taking my words and making them into such beautiful art!


More to come… Newsletters are going out with special Mother’s Day offer and those of you “in the know” are aware that I’ll eventually be getting one last shipment of exclusive print Kinderpacks in at QB!  Make sure to Like me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter for all the latest updates!

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