QB Baby Carrier of the Week: Spotlight on Boba Baby Carrier

17 Jun

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This week, QuirkyBaby turns the spotlight on the Boba Baby Carrier, a buckle carrier that’s relatively new but has quickly become extremely popular. My guest this week is Elizabeth Antunovic, designer of the Boba and founder of NAP, Inc., which also makes the Sleepy Wrap. Fun fact about the Boba — it takes its name from Boulder Baby (carrier).

Why QuirkyBaby loves the Boba Baby Carrier:

  • It provides ergonomic support for older, taller, heavier babies, toddlers, and preschoolers and their parents
  • It’s made from organic cotton and manufactured in Boulder, Colorado
  • It’s a rugged, simple, reasonably priced soft structured carrier

QuirkyBaby offers the Boba 2.0, in six organic color combinations, including the Tweet print! Check out the Classic, which offers the same great fit and functionality in a less expensive, non-organic version.

Now let’s hear from Elizabeth:

QB: What inspired you to begin making baby carriers?

E:  My son Nikolai and my aching shoulders after using other baby carriers, I needed to find the most comfortable solution for myself and for all of the other moms out there.

QB: How long have you been in business?

E:  Roughly four years. We also manufacture Sleepy Wraps.

QB: Where is your business located?

E:  Boulder, CO

QB: Where and by whom are your carriers made?

E:   Boba Organic baby carriers are all made in Boulder, CO by a mountaineering professional who makes backpacks for those hardcore climbers aspiring K2 or Everest.

QB: How has your business progressed over the years?

E:  It’s moving. We started out on the road traveling with kids on three continents and multitasking like mad, and now we have an incredible team that allows the company to virtually run itself.

QB: What business practice(s) do you employ that sets you apart from other companies?

E:  We honestly feel that every mom and dad using our carriers are a part of our team. We value everybody’s opinion and feedback and try to go above and beyond with servicing our direct customers, our wholesalers and our distributors.

QB: What is your favorite part of your job?

E:  I somewhat stepped aside when Gloria (my third) was born, but last week I did get to go down to the Parenting Place – a neat place for local moms to gather at – and taught them how to use a wrap.  I’d have to say that the best part is seeing that mother’s face when she looks at her baby – the peace, the smile, and then her arms thrown up in joy while her baby is so content on her chest. It’s an incredible feeling to know that a carrier can bring mom and baby together and provide a helping hand in raising her children.

QB: Tell us a little about your family.

E:  Isabela is 7.  Nikolai will be 4 at the end of the summer and Gloria is 6 months old.  The kids unschool, so we are together living and learning all of the time. It is an incredible way to live as we are all able to follow our own authentic heart’s desires.  We start the day in our own unhurried ways and everyday miracles seem to appear.  I am happily married to my Yugoslav husband Robert – tall, dark, handsome, super confident and facilitator of many of my dreams. Life is good together.

QB: How do you balance your work and family life?  Do you have any advice for busy parents?

E:  We don’t talk about work after 5pm or on weekends.  Robert enforces this.  We bring the kids along to the photo shoots and the trade shows.  Now that our team is growing, my work load has decreased but there is always something.  To busy parents, to any parents – take a breath, remember what your priorities are.

QB: Do you have a favorite carrier that you designed that you have kept for yourself?

E:  You know what?  I keep giving them away.  Thank goodness my husband runs the business side of things.  I was giving a talk on safe babywearing and ended up giving away my new Boba.  It’s impossible for me to have a woman try on my carrier and see her eyes light up and then ask for it back.  I know more will come my way.

One Response to “QB Baby Carrier of the Week: Spotlight on Boba Baby Carrier”

  1. Christine May 28, 2011 at 10:39 pm #

    I’m loving my Boba in the Tweet print! Thank you Jane for helping me pick out the carrier that would work best for me and my little girl.

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