New Babywearing Safety Fan Page on Facebook

24 Jan

I blogged in October about Consumer Reports warning of the dangers of bag-type carriers such as the Infantino SlingRider. An article published this week states that the parents of Derrik Fowler, a baby boy who died at 6 days old from suffocation in an Infantino SlingRider are suing Infantino for damages. Although nothing can bring back their precious baby boy, I truly hope that by bringing this lawsuit, Derrik’s parents can help force Infantino to take their inherently dangerous SlingRider and similar designs off the market.

One concern that I share with many other babywearing advocates and enthusiasts, though, is that parents will take the wrong message from this type of publicity: namely, that all soft fabric slings and carriers are unsafe. The good news is that there are many types of slings and carriers that can be used safely and comfortably and don’t suffer from the design flaws of bag slings. There are also many great reasons for carrying babies in slings over and above convenience, in addition to the risks of leaving babies for too much of the day in baby containers such as carseats, swings, and strollers.

Parents need to have good information on choosing appropriate types of slings and carriers and on using them safely, especially for vulnerable newborns and small babies. To help bring awareness to the dangers of bag-type carriers made by Infantino and other companies, as well as to educate parents on how to choose and use baby carriers safely, I’ve started a Facebook fan page on babywearing safety. Please visit the page, fan it, contribute whatever resources you can, and spread the word to your friends!

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