BabyHawk Oh Snaps Are In!

2 Dec

I just got my shipment early, so they’re here and available for immediate shipment!

ETA: I’ve just taken this out and played with it in a front carry and a back carry for both my 2 year old, 31.5 pound, 33″ tall daughter as well as my 33 pound, 41″ tall daughter. This is definitely a great carrier for a toddler! It has some very cool features. I’ll take some pictures and write a review later, but in the meantime, if you have any questions, please post them here or on my Facebook page and I’ll try to answer them all at once.

One Response to “BabyHawk Oh Snaps Are In!”

  1. Nancy January 6, 2010 at 11:54 pm #

    I really REALLY liked the Oh Snap, I must say. A couple of highlights:

    * It’s got a wider seat than the Beco, which is great for an older baby or toddler. It just felt more stable with the bigger babies. (My models were my nieces, age 1 and 23 lbs, and age 2 and 30 chunky lbs). It was easy to get their bottoms all the way down to the bottom. I really like the Beco harness for littler babies, but not as much when they get big and chunky. They felt much lighter in the Oh Snap than in the Beco.

    * The Oh Snap was super easy to get a good fit with without fiddling. I could get most of the weight to my hips without a thousand adjustments. Plus, I didn’t get any of the “tenting” in the straps (that little gap at the top of the shoulder when sometimes straps don’t lie flat).

    * Loved the chest belt. It’s got this really nifty set up where it clips to the shoulder strap in two places on each side. To move it, you pull out the little tension buckle and slide it up and down. It was really easy to get a good fit.

    * The waistbelt is adjustable, and super comfortable. It’s not bulky when it’s cinched to a smaller size, either…. See More
    At any rate, I really liked it as a carrier for bigger babies. (Plus, what’s not to love about the fabrics?!)

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