BabyHawk Oh Snap! Buckle Carriers In Stock Now!

8 Nov

The babywearing world is abuzz with excitement over the new and innovative soft structured buckle carrier from BabyHawk, maker of the popular BabyHawk and ToddlerHawk mei tai — the BabyHawk Oh Snap! Finally revealed after more than a year of top-secret design and testing, the Oh Snap! combines supportive comfort for parent and baby with a wide range of customizable fit to suit parents in all shapes and sizes.

QuirkyBaby has six different designs of BabyHawk Oh Snap! carriers, including the exclusive Autumn Leaves on Chocolate, in stock  now (link)!

The BabyHawk Oh Snap! can be used as a front or back carrier for babies from 6 months to 45 pounds; an infant insert for younger babies will be introduced some time soon.

The Oh Snap! features:

  • a three-part adjustable waist for a custom fit no matter what your size or body type;
  • a double chest clip for a secure and perfect fit;
  • seat darts and leg padding for a deep, comfortable seating position for baby;
  • straps that cinch down or extend for wearers from size 0 to size 22;
  • the super-popular BabyHawk headrest that flips down or stands up to support sleepy heads;
  • made in the USA

feeling groovy snap back 2

BabyHawk Oh Snap! Feeling Groovy on Espresso

One Response to “BabyHawk Oh Snap! Buckle Carriers In Stock Now!”

  1. Mama Ash January 26, 2010 at 12:02 am #

    I need one! I want one so, so bad! I have the toddlerhawk and now I want this one!

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