Consumer Reports Warns of Infant Deaths in Infantino Sling Rider

30 Oct

I am not usually one to critique the vast number of poorly designed slings and carriers that have flooded the market in recent years. I would rather help parents find babywearing products that are safe, comfortable, and a good value for the money. But this is too important to let slide.

This year alone, two baby boys have died from suffocation in Infantino Slingriders, according to Consumer Reports (link).

Never, never, never buy or give a bag sling, whether it’s from Infantino, JJ Cole, Premaxx, Boppy, Lamaze, Munchkin, or any other similar design.If you see a parent using one — please warn them that these products are inherently unsafe *when used as directed.* I know it’s uncomfortable approaching a parent to warn them that they’ve chosen a bad product, but at least two babies have died in these shoddy products.If you find one at the thrift store — please buy it and destroy it.

More information about the inherently unsafe design of the Infantino Slingrider and how it and similar bag slings put babies at risk of asphyxiation can be found at this link.

The really tragic thing is that Infantino was on notice that its Slingrider is inherently unsafe. The company had been contacted, and the information was also sent to the Consumer Products Safety Commission, which failed to act.

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