Avoid Container Syndrome — Carry Your Baby in a Sling or Carrier or In Your Arms!

3 Jun

Babies carried in or put in “containers” — carseats, bouncy seats, swings, strollers, and cribs — for the majority of the day are at increased risk of plagiocephaly, aka flat head, as well as delays in meeting milestones such as crawling. Now experts have coined a new phrase for these problems — container syndrome. Two articles about container syndrome are here and here.

The good news is, in most cases, container syndrome is easy to avoid! I tell parents during babywearing consultations that carrying their babies, whether in-arms or in a sling or carrier, is the best way to keep sweet little heads nice and round. It’s good exercise for babies, because even when their heads are gently supported in a carrier, an upright carrying position will encourage them to hold their heads up and develop those neck and torso muscles.  Babies who are carried for a significant portion of the day develop better head and trunk control sooner than babies who are left in containers all day.

Leave the carseat in the car where it belongs and give yourself and your baby some healthy exercise with a baby carrier instead!

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