New Scootababy Designs In Stock

17 Oct

Audra Meng, designer of the Scootababy, shared a picture with me of her booth at the huge ABC Expo in Las Vegas. A banner in her booth read “Trying is Believing.” Truer words were never spoken! (or printed, I suppose I should say). The Scootababy is one of my favorites to demonstrate at my babywearing consultations because I love to see someone’s face light up when they realize how simple, and how outstandingly comfortable, the Scootababy really is. I was delighted to sell one recently to a couple who bought the Scootababy as a present for his mom, who babysits their baby during the work week. What a great way for this grandmother to bond with (and care for) her granddaughter! My own mom wore my baby girl in the Scootababy at a La Leche League conference this year, and loved it.

I’ve had a number of customer inquiries about plainer versions of the new and improved Scootababy, so I’m happy to announce that I now have Black and Taupe/Brown in stock. Black is just that — black twill, black piping, and black quilted microfiber lining. Taupe is a dark grey-khaki accented with contrasting brown piping and lined with brown quilted microfiber. Either one is gender-neutral and will appeal to moms and dads (or grandparents) alike.

Scootababy hip carriers ship free in the US from QuirkyBaby (international customers receive a $5 rebate on shipping costs).

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