Beco Butterfly II Has Arrived

26 Sep

My office looks like I’m trying to build the Great Wall of China out of the new and improved Beco Butterfly II baby carrier boxes! I’ve only had a short time to play with it, but I’m very happy with the design changes that Beco has made. The Beco Baby Carrier retains its unique inner harness that helps take the fear factor out of doing back carries and enables one person to hand baby and carrier off to another, but incorporates some updates that make the Beco Butterfly even more functional:

  • The sleeping hood design is greatly improved. It snaps on, rather than threading on with nylon webbing. Also, it’s contoured rather than flat, and should fit a snoozing baby’s head much better.
  • There are two more inches of padding in the shoulder straps. This is a suggestion I (and others, I’m sure) had made to Beco to improve the fit for bigger people. I’m glad they listened!
  • The infant insert is now removable. So if you’re wearing the Beco Baby Carrier with a bigger baby, you can just take out the infant insert and stash it somewhere safe.
  • This isn’t really a functional issue, but the carrier is now made in the USA! Which is important to many consumers.

I’ve got the Beco Butterfly 2 available in Metro Black, Trinity, Sara, and Avery (all on black body/straps) and Espresso Brown, River, Carnival, and Jacob (all on espresso brown straps).

If you’ve got any questions about whether the Beco Butterfly II is the right buckle carrier for you, please ask away! You can comment here or email me at

Oh and p.s. — if you’re looking for a toy carrier for your child or someone else’s, you’ve got to check out the Beco Mini — it’s adorable!

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