New Scootababy Hip Carrier Is Here!

16 Aug

I am so happy to announce that the new and improved Scootababy hip carrier is in stock! I have been a huge fan of the Scootababy since its debut for its simple and intuitive, not to mention highly ergonomic, design. You buckle the structured hip belt around your hips, tighten, pop your baby onto your hip, pull the shoulder strap up and over your head to sit on your opposite shoulder, tighten, and voila, you’re done.  Your child’s weight is transferred to your lower body while your upper body and neck stay comfy because of the quality Malden Mills fleece that cups your shoulder. The Scootababy really doesn’t need an instructional brochure (although it comes with one anyway)!

The original Scootababy rocked, but the new design is even better. First and foremost, there are five stylish designs to choose from, whether you want something girly, boyish, or gender-neutral. Among the other functional improvements, the carrier is now lined with quilted microfiber; the body is 1.5″ taller; the hip belt is 3″ longer; the fleece shoulder is bound for a clean look; and the straps adjust more smoothly. Overall, the design has gone from a solid A to an A+!

Scootababy hip carriers are $119 with free shipping in the US ($5 shipping rebate for international orders).

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