New to QuirkyBaby — TenToes Click Buckle Carriers

13 Jul

I’m very excited to introduce the TenToes Click buckle carrier, a hybrid offering the soft, conforming comfort of an Asian-style mei tai and the convenience of modern buckles and webbing. The TenToes was specifically designed to be a front carrier, but it works well as a back carrier for older babies and toddlers, too. The internal swaddle pocket with leg holes adds an extra level of security for carrying babies safely.

The TenToes Click is lightweight and extremely portable. When not in use, the carrier tucks away inside the pocket in a neat, compact little bundle. While the TenToes is being used, the pocket offers not only a convenient place to carry a burp cloth or a cell phone but also hides a soft hemp/cotton jersey sleeping hood. I love that the webbing is woven cotton rather than nylon — it’s firm and secure but soft and cushy, too!

The TenToes Click comes in two styles: Two Tone, featuring a solid-colored pocket on a contrasting body, or Print Pocket, featuring a decorative pocket on a coordinating body.

TenToes Click Front

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