Now taking pre-orders on May Beco Butterfly prints

22 May

Due to popular demand, I’m opening for pre-orders on the May prints of Beco Butterfly Carriers, including Carnival, Allison, Natalie, and Isabella. I will also have more Metro Black in stock.


One Response to “Now taking pre-orders on May Beco Butterfly prints”

  1. kim April 6, 2009 at 8:50 am #

    Hi! I hope you don’t mind my question. I’m brand new to this :O).

    I have two little girls (4 and 9 months), but I’ve never really used a carrier.. I tried several with my oldest, but none were comfortable at all. But I really NEED something with the baby! She’s tiny, just 14 pounds at 9 months.. but she also isn’t the ‘lay on your shoulder’ kind of baby. I assume that baby can only be facing you, do some babies not like that? Also, is baby completely laying against you.. or is there a gap between your chest and them? I just wonder because she has some developmental delays and also arches back a lot (severe reflux), so I worry that it would be frustrating or counter-productive for her.

    I really like all of the prints and the overall design, though. They’re all so cute, I’m not sure how I’ll choose!

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