Beyond Babywearing… Or, Really, Before…

7 Jul

I was thrilled to be asked to share some wisdom, recently, with the Mothering Arts community.  Follow the link, here, to view my latest blog!

When did you start babywearing your little ones?  With my first daughter, I had my first consultation with QuirkyBaby (then, owned by another awesome work at home mama!) when she was about 2 weeks, but we didn’t really start actively using the carrier until a few weeks after that, even.  With my second, I felt the “rush.”  That baby was in a carrier LITERALLY the day she was born.  We got home from the hospital and we went for a long walk and then back to life as usual.  I didn’t take the time to rest and to heal, and I think I paid the price for it.  So, my blog post is very much a, “do as I say, not as I [did],” sort of theme.  I wish I had done more skin to skin bonding time, more resting and nurturing, for both her and me.  snugglingjane

It’s that time of year! Cold-Weather Babywearing options at QuirkyBaby!

10 Nov


QuirkyBaby stocks a few great cold-weather babywearing accessories.  Covers that will work on all different types of carriers, will fit various “wearers,” and won’t break the bank like some other babywearing coats and jackets on the market!

Read an oldie but goodie QB Blog for more info:

Safety Tips for Nursing in a Carrier

7 Aug

Another post in honor of World Breastfeeding Week!  Remember to keep baby Visible and Kissable (TM), especially when nursing baby in your carriers.

photos by hilary yankello 166

Visible and Kissable (TM): Nursing and Babywearing Safety Tips

1. Babywearing and nursing are independent skills, best established separately before combining.
   *Established nursing means nursing without positioning props, aids, etc. and latch is well-established.
   *Established carrier use is being able to use and adjust your carrier independently, safely, and confidently.
2. Babies nursing in a carrier must always be brought back to upright and tight positioning.
3. Baby’s face must always be visible in the carrier, even when nursing.

Breastfeeding & Babywearing: About nursing in a carrier…

1 Aug

QuirkyBaby Blog

breastfeeding in a carrier

Can I nurse in this carrier? Which carrier is best for breastfeeding? Can I be hands-free while nursing? These are very common questions I hear, so let’s tackle them…

Can I nurse in this carrier?

For sure, most baby carriers are absolutely able to be used for nursing. There is a caveat I always share, though. Anyone who has ever been a new nursing mama will admit that those first few days, weeks, maybe even the first couple months of nursing were a learning process for both mama and baby. Likewise, any babywearer can try to remember back to her first times using a baby carrier with a floppy baby…and it was also a learning process! Both of these are skills that take time and patience to develop, so I ALWAYS recommend feeling confident in each skill separately before trying to combine them. In fact, nursing the newborn in a…

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The High Back Carry in a Buckle Carrier (with Video Tutorial)

19 Jun

Recently, there’s been a bit of a surge in popularity in the online babywearing community of wearing SSCs and buckle carriers in a “high back carry.”  To be honest, I’m in the camp of “Use the structured waist of the ssc the way it was intended to be used…to distribute weight to the wearers hips (on short torsoed people, this may be higher but still around the waist), with the weight of the baby being taken off the shoulders by loosening the shoulder straps enough to allow baby’s weight to really fall down into that supportive structure of the waist.” (whew! that was a mouthful!)

There are definitely those who prefer the feel of the high back carry, and many older babies and toddlers like it, as they can see over their caregivers’ shoulders.  However, often, when I see buckle carriers with structured waists used to achieve this carry, we run into a couple of issues…

1. You’re losing all of the support that the structured waist is supposed to give (and that you pay for!) in those types of buckle carriers.

2. Since you’re not using the structured waist to distribute baby’s weight, the weight should be distributed by pulling baby in close.  Since you may not be able to cinch the straps in tight enough to really get that nice high and tight fit, you may be distributing all of baby’s weight from your shoulders!

2. In some SSCs (or on some body types) buckling that structured waist so far up creates a giant pocket of fabric and baby doesn’t fill the entire body of the carrier from top to bottom, but rather sits in a fold of fabric at the middle of the carrier body.  This means that the body panel may be too low on baby’s back and too loose (allowing baby or toddler to lean back and definitely not supportive for the wearer).

Now for the good news…

If you DO like the feel of a high and tight back carry, there are carriers perfectly suited for that! They are wraps, mei tais, and even buckle mei tais like the Catbird Baby Pikkolo!

Check out my newest video tutorial to show how I get a high back carry with my toddler in the buckle carrier I believe is really SUPER at the high back carry!



New Catbird Baby Pikkolos in stock and check out the newest print – Annika Gray!

26 May

It’s no secret that I love Catbird Baby Pikkolos.  It’s my favorite buckle carrier recommendation for newborns (read more in a previous blog post, here!), and I’m still loving it with my 2 year old toddler both with and without the toddler support belt!


Catbird Baby has just released it’s newest print – Annika Gray!


Annika, with black straps, has always been a popular Pikkolo print among QuirkyBaby customers.  I know the gray version will be just as popular!  Perfect lighter color for summer, as well. 🙂  Besides Annika Gray, check out the other gorgeous prints and patterns in stock at QuirkyBaby, and remember that, with any Pikkolo purchase, you can add on the toddler structured waist support belt (regularly $25) for only $10 more!  Fast and FREE Priority shipping in the US and free gifts with purchase, as always.


Babylonia BB-Slen Wraps and BB-Tai Wrap Conversion Mei Tais at QuirkyBaby!

12 May

I’m so excited to have one of my long-time favorite wraps in stock at QuirkyBaby!  BB-Slen wraps have been around for a long time.  Search and you’ll find oodles of posts about them and how they are favorites for new wrappers, as well as experienced ones, especially as fantastic summer wraps and toddler-worthy wraps.


100% cotton, produced in India under the Fair Trade Project, new wrappers will love how easy these are to wrap with, as well as take care of – spit up, accidents, sweating are not a problem, since you can just toss them in the wash easy peasy!  The solid colorways with the section of the rainbowy Pineapple stripes are great for determining which edge of the wrap you’re working with and to avoid twisting.  The extra width on the BB-Slen wraps means extra support as babies grow into toddlers and preschoolers, and lots of good “cush” on the shoulders!  Being lightweight means that these wraps are both great for warm-weather wearing AND easy to wrap with, as the fabric will toss around you and adjust easily.  The majority of the BB-Slen wraps are a comfy cross twill weave, which provides a nice amount of diagonal stretch for great wrap jobs and comfort. However, Babylonia has also just released some jacquard weaves that feature gorgeous patterns.  The wide variety of colorways and patterns means there’s something for everyone!  Rainbows for some, and solid black and blues for others. My personal favorites are Prunella and Pineapple.  How about yours?

Looking for the feel of wrapping without the fuss?  BB-Tai wrap conversion mei tais are for you!


Let’s start off with the fact that each BB-Tai comes in its very own matching wrap bag!


Open up the bag and take out your lovely, soft, lightweight BB-Tai.  The wrap conversion mei tais feature BB-Slen wrap fabric from top to bottom, with nice, wide unpadded wrap straps.  Each of the top straps measure 80 inches in length!  That’s one of the longest you’ll find, so perfect for tibetan tie offs and other chestbelts, as well as enough length for fluffier and broader babywearers.  The bottom straps measure 32.5 inches each and feature a lightly padded waist area.  The body of the carrier is 16 in wide and 17 in long, but the sleep support fabric can pull up another 5-6 inches or so for taller babies.  You’ll love the way you can easily pin those sleepy heads in and secure the fabric with an easy pull of the toggle, without covering baby’s entire head.  The size of the body of the carrier is definitely “toddler” size, but, as a mei tai, you can roll the waist and squish the fabric for a shorter and narrower body for younger babies.  Newborns can be placed in the removable infant seat, as well as rolling the fabric, to make sure they do not curl down into the carrier and sink into a chin-to-chest position.  More support for a younger baby is as simple as using the wide wrap straps, just like a wrap, to spread and tighten snugly to hold baby.  Those wide straps also come in handy if you prefer to cross straps over your chest in back carries, as well as helping to create an even wider seat for older kiddos.  The legs-out padding also helps make sure that long-legged toddlers and big kids are comfy in the carrier.

Overall, BB-Slen wraps and BB-Tai carriers are just awesome and I’m so excited to share the love!  I hope you’ll enjoy them too! 🙂

News about what’s NEW at QuirkyBaby!

7 May

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged.  Life got busy, as it does for all of us! (a toddler who never lets me touch my computer, a kindergartener who needs to be shuttled to and from school and various activities… unfortunately, blogging took a back seat for a while!).

In the meantime, my first “baby” will be 6 this weekend, just in time for mother’s day, and my other “baby” is almost 2.  There’s so much to celebrate!  One of my most recent “celebrations” is the update of my website. If you haven’t seen it, yet, head over to QuirkyBaby and check out the new “look” and new additions, thanks to Tracey of Indalia Design.  There’s still a bit of tweaking to be done, so it’s not quite perfect, yet, but I’m thrilled with the update.  What do you think?

New to QuirkyBaby, product-wise, is Babylonia brand Wraps and Wrap Conversion Mei Tais!  I’ve loved BB-Slen wraps for many years and am really loving having them in stock at QB.  The BB-Tai wrap conversion mei tais made completely out of the BB-Slen wrap fabric are fantastic.  Make sure to check them out!


As I launched the new website, I also added a new “free gift” option – You Are the Baby Carrier bags!  Made out of 100% recycled plastic (with 100% of the proceeds of my order going toward environmental literacy education), these convenient bags can help you carry your carrier or any extras you have while YOU carry your baby.  They even stuff into themselves and hook onto your keychain!  The inspiration for my bags goes back to a previous blog post that you can read, here.  Many many thanks to Lizzy of this (un)scripted life for taking my words and making them into such beautiful art!


More to come… Newsletters are going out with special Mother’s Day offer and those of you “in the know” are aware that I’ll eventually be getting one last shipment of exclusive print Kinderpacks in at QB!  Make sure to Like me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter for all the latest updates!

QuirkyBaby Word Art!

29 Aug

My husband is a 5th grade teacher (if you’ve read my “About Me” you know that I was a Kindergarten teacher…that’s actually how we met!) and I see him exploring all sorts of tech apps for his kids all of the time.  I’m always fascinated by the Word Art images that come out of an application called Wordle.  So… this morning, having a cup of coffee while the kiddos get their last few minutes of shut eye, I decided that I’d give it a try using the QuirkyBaby Blog as the source for the words.  In case you’re not familiar with it, it takes words from a text or blog and shows some words larger or smaller, depending on the number of times they’re used.

Apparently, in this blog, I talk about SHOULDERS a lot! You’ll see words like Comfort and Fit, right up there, too!  And… apparently I’m a fan of talking about Catbird Baby and Mei Tais. 😉

Wordle: QuirkyBaby Blog


Maya Wrap Introduces Their New Shoulder – The Comfort Fit!

23 Mar

maya wrap comfort fit shoulder new

I love Maya Wrap ring slings for so many reasons, but I’m even more in love with them now with the newest shoulder design called the Comfort Fit!  What’s the difference between the traditional “Lightly Padded” shoulder and the new Comfort Fit?

The LP (or lightly padded) shoulder features a unique, padded shoulder that comfortably cups your shoulder and pleats that spread out to distribute baby’s weight across your shoulder and torso. The set structure keeps the shoulder of the sling sitting comfortably on the top and ball of your shoulder without fabric coming down over your upper arm and restricting arm movement. The Comfort Fit shoulder features a classic gathered shoulder with a comfort band allowing you to adjust the spread of the shoulder to your desired width and an elastic seam across the back of the shoulder to prevent overspreading.  The more spread the shoulder is, the farther down your upper arm and back the fabric can cover, offering more support for heavier babies for some wearers.  Both shoulder styles are available now at QuirkyBaby and will ship for FREE within the US and free gift with purchase!

Here’s a quick video I made (with a very fussy little 9 month old!) to show the new design features and compare it to the previous shoulder: